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George VIŞAN

Name: George Visan
Phone: 0721 206 468

Career Objective:

Developing a career in the field of International Relations with an emphasis on research and analysis of foreign policy and international security. I would like to work as a professional consultant in this field in a think tank or in a international organization. Alternatively I am considering developing a career as a professional consultant in business (with an emphasis on security issues) or politics.

Professional Experience:

• October 2009-December 2009 – Assistant to the Political Analyst of the Limited Election Observation Mission of the OSCE for the Romanian Presidential Elections.
• September 2008-February 2009, junior political analyst NewsIn; Responsibilities: gathering, classifying and basic analysis of media content regarding politics and economics as reflected by Romanian media outlets;
• May 2007-September 2008, junior political analyst at Global Video Media. Responsibilities: gathering, classifying and basic analysis of media content regarding politics and economics as reflected by Romanian media outlets;
• Since September 2006-2008 PR/Marketing Coordinator for Civitas’99 NGO – Responsibilities: developing a fund raising strategy for the organization; identifying potential sponsors and donors; help develop projects; recruiting possible members; promote the image of organization; Achievements: developing the fund raising strategy and coordinating projects;
• February 2005 – May 2005 intern at United Nations House. Responsibilities: resuming and analyzing news regarding the activity of the UN as reflected by the Romanian media; translations; helping organize events; researching and writing presentations concerning UN activity around the world. Achievements: help organize events concerning the Romanian justice system and Romania’s involvement in UN peacekeeping operations;
• May 2004-September 2004 – Press Monitoring Operator at Global Media. Responsibilities. Responsibilities: resuming and introducing news newspapers and television into a database for further analysis;


• June 2009 – M. A. in International Relations at the Political Science Department, University of Bucharest.

• June 2006 – Graduated from the University of Bucharest with a B.A. Political Science – International Relations from the English section of the Political Science Department, University of Bucharest.

Published Works:

• September 2009: “Cum trebuie America să acţioneze într-o lume post americană?” (How should America Act in a Post American World), book review Fareed Zakaria, The Post-American World New York, London: W.W. Norton and Company, 2008, 292 pp, in Sfera Politicii, No. 138, August 2009 pp. 119-123;
• January 2009: “Problema puterii americane la începutul secolului 21” (The Problem of American Power at the beginning of the Twenty-First Century), book review – Joseph Joffe, Uberpower: The Imperial Temptation of America New York: W.W. Norton, 2006 in Sfera Politicii, No. 131-132, January February 2009, pp. 123-127;
• September 2008: Romania’s Black Sea Offensive, Center for European Policy Analysis,;
• Martie 2008: Kosovo’s Independence and US-Romanian Relations, Center for European Policy Analysis,;
• September 2006: – “Criza Libaneza” (Lebanese Crisis);
• June 2006 – “Batalia de la Trafalgar” (Battle of Trafalgar) – in;
• October 2006: – “De ce sa nu ne retragem din Iraq” (Why We Shouldn’t Retreat From Iraq), ;
• January 2005 – “Workers Against the Party: A comparative Analysis of Workers’ Protests in Gdansk 1981 and Brasov 1987”- presented during the Romanian Communism – Our Common Heritage” Conference;
• March 2005 – “NATO’s Strategic Concepts: From Massive Retaliation to Flexible Response”,;
• May 2005 – “Considerations upon the Armenian Genocide 1915-1917”,;

To be published:

• “The State of the Trans-Atlantic Link: The European Union and the United States at the Beginning of the XXI Century” in The European Union’s External Action: Current Challenges, Future Opportunities, lect. univ. dr. Bogdana Petrică; si lect. univ. dr. Luciana Ghica, Colecţia “Timp prezent”, Editura Universitatii din Bucuresti.
• Contributor to an Encyclopedia of European Political Systems edited by lect. univ. dr. Luciana Ghica and lect. univ. dr. Florin Feşnic. I have written about German Estonian and Latvian constitutional system as well as the Armenian political party system.
• Derek Chollet and James Goldgeiger, America between the Wars: From 11/9 to 9/11. The Missunderstood Years between the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Start of the War on Terror, New York: PublicAffairs, 2008, – book review to be published in Revista Institutului Diplomatic Român (The Review of the Romanian Diplomatic Institute).

Extracurricular activities:

• December 2008 – organizer in charge of logistics for Forum Civitas Conference, Quo Vadis Romanian Constitutional Reform.
• March-February 2007 co-initiator of Civitas Politics Blog For a list of published articles on the blog follow this link: ;
• June-October 2005 – co-organizer with AEGEE Bucharest of Euro – Islam conference;
• May 2005 – organizer of Civitas’99 Model United Nations – tasked with research and preparing documentation for the project;
• January 2005 – participant and co-organizer of “Romanian Communist – Our Common Heritage” Conference (“Comunismul Romanesc. Mostenirea noastra Comuna”).
• July-August 2003 – internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affair;
• April 2003 – training in Public Relation and Fund Raising organized by ONGlink;
• 2002-2004 voluntary translator for IRIR (Romanian Institute for Recent History); Responsibilities: Translating US Foreign Policy documents regarding the Cold War;
• September 30-October 7, 2004 – participant to the “Islam and Europe: Eye Contact” Conference organized by AEGEE Ankara in Ankara, Turkey;
• November 2002 – Member of Civitas ’99 – Organization of Students and Professionals in Political Science: ;


  1. George, I read an article on your blog from September titled Appeasement and found it interesting.

    Are any other articles on your blog translated into English? I would be interested to read more of your writings.

    I live in Florence, SC, USA and read a great deal of news online, both American and international news sources. I do some writing myself.

    Bette Cox

  2. Dear Mrs. Cox,

    Thank you for your comment. If you will click my name under the Post by author category you will have access to the rest of my articles. Around half of my articles are in English as for the rest they are, I’m afraid in Romanian. If you wish to read my Romanian articles I suggest you use an online translation software or service.


    George Visan

  3. Hello,

    My name is Ismail Khejjou and am a graduate student working on a Master`s degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco. I just took a look at your blog, and I am impressed by your interests in discussing different political issues. I will visit this site and share my ideas with you. Hope we make it a good place for us to talk and reflect on a number of subjects.


  4. @Ismail – Thank you very much Ismail for your comment and appreciation of the blog. I am looking forward to hearing from you. You are welcome to share your ideas and views with us.

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