Romanian Journal of European Affairs, vol. 11, no. 1, March 2011 Răspunde

The March 2011 issue of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs, vol. 11, no. 1 is now fully available online. Faithful to its scientific standards and in line with the current economic situation the journal brings into discussion important topics such as EU Economic Governance Reform: Are We at A Turning Point? by Daniel Dăianu and the need for a safe banking system with Deposit Guarantee Schemes Join Financial Safety-Net by Eugen Dijmărescu. Numbers do matter and statistical methods can prove themselves useful in analyzing the economics as proves Clara Volintiru in Economic Integration and Statist Reach – Towards a Holistic Assesment.

New technologies are now an important part of our day to day life and their impact on the Romanian society is yet to be analyzed as it is revealed in  The Social Dimension of Internet Diffusion in Romania: Examining the Connection between Internet Uses and Frequencies by Geomina Turlea, Esteve Ollé Sanz, Constantin Ciupagea and An Extended Approach to E-Inclusion and its Implications for Romania by Viorel Nita.

The debate on education reform is put into an European perspective by Eva Szolar’s article on The Bologna Process: the Reform of the European Higher Education Systems. The lessons of a dramatic and not so distant past comes to life in Galina Nelaeva’s article Establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal in the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY): Dealing with the “War Raging at the Heart of Europe” . Last but not least studying the relationships between conflict, ethnicity and culture is an important part of any serious academic debate upon international conflicts as it is revealed by Patty Zakaria’s Book Review: Jack D. Eller, From Culture, to Ethnicity, to Conflict: An Anthropological Perspective on International Ethnic Conflicts.

Mihai Sebe

Project Coordinator at the European Institute of Romania and associate editor at the Romanian Journal of European Affairs

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