In memoriam Tony Judt Răspunde

Tony Judt, istoric (1948-2010)

Tony Judt, profesor la New York University, autorul binecunoscutei istorii a Europei în anii Razboiului Rece (Postwar: A History of Europe since 1945) a murit la 62 de ani. Tony Judt s-a născut în Marea Britanie, dar a predat şi la Universităţi din Statele Unite. O autoritate în istoria intelectuală modernă franceză, el este director al Institutului Remarque din New York, având sarcina de a explica evoluţia şi problemele Europei în Statele Unite.


World War II: Seventy years after Răspunde

World War II fighting

Few events have had such a deep impact on world history as the conflict that griped the international system seventy years ago. As all great power wars in the last five hundred years it started in Europe, with a bid a for hegemony made by a Germany, the second in twenty-five years, but it soon spread to North Africa, the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. World War II was a total war, the second in less than a generation, and as such it involved attacks on civilians and genocide. From a military and strategic point of view it was a total war, as the aim of the war was the re-ordering of the entire international system and the destruction of some of its members; its scope was not limited to the European continent, it saw an unprecedented level of societal mobilization for the war effort in every country involved and it was prosecuted with every means available, culminating in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.