The Weimar Triangle – Between a moderate regional success and an uncertain future Răspunde

Angela Merkel, Bronislaw Komorowsky and Nicolas Sarkozy

Where Does It Come From? What Is It? Where Is It Going?*

Motto: Tres faciunt collegium [three makes company]

The Weimar Triangle is soon to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. With a mixed record of relevance (due often to the leaders themselves) and a relatively strong level of cooperation as regards regional and local actors, it is in a process of redefinition. Through policies adopted at its February high level summit (EU budget, ESDP, etc.) and its prospective integration of Russia it might become a viable and highly influent organization at the European level.


Valsul Schengen 5

Aderarea la Spațiul Schengen s-a transformat dintr-un joc cu o miză politică mică într-o tragedie națională. La mijloc se află prestigiul României în cadrul Uniunii Europene și percepția internă privind beneficiile aderării la construcția europeană.